Friends and Supporters;

It has been my pleasure to serve as Anne Arundel County
Central Committee Chairman and your state 1st Vice Chairman
from 2004 to 2010. During my term, I have devoted significant
time and efforts to build a stronger, more effective and
responsive Republican Party in the county and the state of

in 2012, we need to continue our efforts to make government
more responsible and reflective of the needs of the voters.

Chuck Gast

"Chuck is a proven leader. He has guided Maryland and
Anne Arundel County with hard work and by developing
and unbeatable team"

- Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.
"In his capacity as co-chair of the Re-Elect Bush campaign
in 2004 and as Chairman of the Anne Arundel County
Central Committee, Chuck Gast has demonstrated strong
leadership and a record of accomplishment"

- MD State Senator Janet Greenip
"Chuck has shown dynamic leadership and the
ability to get things done in his tenure as Vice
Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party and as
Chairman of the Anne Arundel County Central

-RNC Chairman Michael Steele
"As chairman of the County Republican Central Committee, Chuck has shown strong
leadership and a dedication to getting things done. He is an asset to the County and
the State Republican Party"

-John Kane, Chairman Maryland Republican Party (2004-2008)
"Chuck is a strong leader and dedicated to growing the party. He has a long history
of community and civic involvement. He has worked tirelessly to promote political
integrity and responsible government"

- Bob Duckworth, Clerk of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
"I have know Chuck Gast professionally and politically for over 10 years. I have
always known he is a great guy, but recently, as Chairman of the Anne Arundel
County Republican Party, his aggressive yet balanced style of leadership has
impressed me the most. The GOP needs hard working, dedicated individuals like
Chuck to build our Party and take it to the next level."

- Delegate Jim Rzepkowski